An introduction to my Masters project ...

Over the last two years I have been studying for my Master of Arts Photography at Photography Studies College Melbourne. It was certainly a journey of personal discovery for me as I chose to do my project on my experience of being a part of the 'Sandwich Generation'. What began as an exploration of the interconnectedness of generations within families, turned into a self-portrait.

The result was a photobook titled "THE me IN THE SANDWICH":

The forward follows here, along with a short video of the images that were used in the book put to music.

"My family is a sandwich, and this book is about me, the sandwiched. The weight I carry, the emotions I hide, the time I devote, and the resentments I harbour. Before the hard times, my family was a Rueben, my favourite sandwich. From the fragrant rye bread to the acidic sauerkraut, it has so many disparate ingredients that, when combined, made a sandwich that was so tasty and, so balanced. My family is now a toasted sandwich, squishing me between two sides hot with an intensity that scorches my outside while I try to protect myself so that a taste of me remains."